Navigating the Most Important Ownership Issues

Navigating the Most Important Ownership Issues

Bruce Werner of Kona Advisors LLC provides strategic advisory services to owners and investors of private companies. We specialize in providing leadership during periods of corporate transition.

With experience in corporate, high growth and turnaround situations, Kona Advisors is known for rapidly creating practical solutions to difficult business problems.

Our demonstrated expertise in governance, strategy, capital, talent, and succession issues positions Kona Advisors to readily tackle new and unusual challenges.

With over thirty years of experience, across numerous industries, Kona Advisors is ideally suited to provide the capabilities and judgment needed to solve clients’ most pressing problems.

Our reputation is built on an unfailing commitment to personal integrity, accountability, and the tangible results we deliver to clients.

What makes Kona Advisors unique is that we have started, owned, managed, financed, and sold businesses just like yours, so we acutely understand our clients’ concerns, the consequences of their decisions, and how business outcomes impact their personal lives.

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Bruce Werner

Business Ownership Expert | Managing Director of Kona Advisors | Forbes Councils Member

Bruce Werner

Bruce Werner spent the first half of his career at Werner Ladder, with executive responsibilities in all facets of the business. During that time the family completed 6 acquisitions and sustained 10% annual growth for over a decade. The family later exited the business in a successful LBO.

As an independent consultant, he helps owners address their governance, strategy, capital, talent, and succession issues. This work is based on several decades of deep operational experience. He has started and built businesses in finance, energy, and technology, in addition to being a partner in a private equity fund.

His governance experience includes forming new boards and serving on established boards, both advisory and fiduciary. Seven of his twelve board seats have been with family businesses. He has performed Audit, Governance and Compensation committee work.  

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